Privacy Policy

1   Privacy policy of the website listed here is an integral part of the terms of use.

Responsibility of the user to check and make sure in advance the terms of use and privacy policy as a condition to any use of the site.

Current version of the Privacy Policy will prevail, and it may change from time to time at the sole discretion of the operator, and without notice.

2    The user declares and agrees to act and behave in accordance with these Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy

3    Questions regarding the protection of privacy on the site and complaints should be sent to the email address :

4    As stated above, the site is possible to register and choose a username and private password that will accompany the specific user in making any purchases on the site.

These details are personalities and were known for the user's personal use only.

As you choose to hand them over to others you remove responsibility for any kind of infringement of privacy.

The operator considers that in this case, a user that obtain this information has obtained it in a legal way and will be treated so.

5    In addition, and as mentioned above, when making a purchase, the user requires providing additional information to complete the purchase.

Information, except credit card information can and will be retained by the operator.

By registering to the website the user provides the consent and approval to the operator to gather his provided information and transfer them to third parties as required.

Including the transfer of information to China postal company or any other third party company for the supply of the product and so on.

Additionally the operator shall be permitted to analyze the data statistically and delivering these factors to obtain information and make relevant actions needed to improve the site and the products it offers.