Terms & Conditions

Amplez User Agreement

1.    General


1.1  Amplez web site (the "Site" or "Website") developed and operated - by (the "site operator" or "operator "). And established for purposes of allowing site visitors to purchase products and gadgets at low prices, so through direct sales without middle-men charges.

1.2  You should read these terms carefully, since any use such as: browsing, viewing, or using the content indicates your agreement and your approval the provisions of these terms in full. If you do not agree with any provision or conditions listed in these terms, you are requested not to continue to browse the site and / or not perform purchases of any kind.

1.3  For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that placing an order and / or a purchasing  you agree to all provisions and terms of this written agreement.

1.4  These Terms of Use constitute a contract between any person and / or entity accessing this website and / or using the services, and operates on all terms, clauses and links therein. Any use of the site, its contents and the site code is subject to the following conditions, including using remotely with assistive technology, including mobile browsing, RSS or any other technological means.


2.    In These user agreements, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:


2.1  "Policy" or "Terms of Use" - This agreement between the user and the operator and Privacy Policy.

2.2  "Content" - all the content on the site or site element , including, images, animation, source code, design, graphic elements, interactive elements ;

2.3  " Order" - making an order of the product and filling all the necessary details ;

2.4  "Purchase" – Completing an order which includes filling all the required information such as billing/shipping information, shipping method, payment method. The Purchase is only made after approval for the payment is received by the charging third party company (such as PayPal)


3.    Changes and updates


3.1  The operator reserves the exclusive right to modify, update, or discontinue the Service or prices provided through the Site (in whole or in part) without notice. That there may be different rates designed for different audiences or different countries. It is clarified that the user shall have no claim and / or complaint regarding the price at which he purchased the product even if the price for different target audience will be lower or higher than the purchase price of the product.

3.2  In case of cessation of website activity, the users with a  reoccurring payment plan will stop from being charged. Without derogating from the provisions below, in the event of termination of the services provided in the Web Site, the Provider will not be liable to the user or any third party for damage and / or loss of any kind whatsoever , except in cases where the operation was a completed sale .

3.3  Operator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time, in its sole discretion and without notice. Current version of the Terms of Use will appear on this page and the latest wording of the terms of use is the only version that will be taken into any consideration.


4.    Use of the Site


4.1  The uses of the site services are limited to users over the age of 18. While browsing the site, visitor declares that they are over 18 and allowed to use the site.

4.2  Use of this website is intended solely for the purpose of making orders and purchases of products that are published on it.

4.3  Without derogating from the above. Every user may use the Website and / or the Content solely for personal, private and non-commercial other words, to make a purchase. Accordingly, among others , and in particular, it is absolutely forbidden to use the Website and / or the Content for any other purpose, including promotional , marketing and advertising of businesses and other commercial entities purposes   .

4.4  Use of this website is subject to the user (you) full agreement and consent to all provisions of the Terms of Use. The site is offered to you, the user, AS- IS, and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the operator, from time to time and without notice.

4.5  Upon purchase the user will have the option to leave contact information for obtaining publications and announcements of site operations. It is hereby clarified that the user has the option not to agree to this option. If the user agrees to this option, the operator undertakes to only use such information, solely for the purpose of sending advertising messages.

4.6  To remove any doubt that the use of such information will be used, among other things, to the creation of shipping labels and will be provided to third party postal companies. Also the same information might be used for shipping updates, announcements, publications, marketing and other electronic media and / or other ( including, but not limited to, SMS, MMS, WAP, email, etc. ). The user may contact the following email address: and ask to remove his information from the mailing list. Information required for the operator to manage its business - including documentation of commercial and other activities performed by the user on site - will be kept at the operator - by law, but will not be used for contacting or sending any kind of material to the user.

4.7  This site does not constitute advice of any kind and should not be perceived as an advice giving medium.


5.    Purchasing and ordering


5.1  As stated, the operator allows you to purchase goods and Gadgets electronically using the Internet.

5.2  Each product or gadget that appears on the website, which you can purchase, will have specific details on the item page itself including all information necessary for deciding whether to purchase it (in whole or in part, depending on the product) such as, but not limited to, image, market price, price cost, technical information, purchase Options, country of origin, geographical location, estimated delivery time, manufacturer etc.

5.3  If the product will not be in stock and / or the delivery period will be longer, the relevant information will appear on the product sale page.

5.4  It is clarified that the selling prices includes VAT.

5.5  To make a purchase on the website there is no obligation to select a username and password and create an active account; however, there will be cases where all users registered on the site will be awarded benefits, according to the decision of the operator.

5.6  It is hereby clarified that for the purpose of purchase is required any user to provide personal details for the purpose of sale, such as , but not limited to : personal identification information ( ID number , phone number , email address, credit card number – it is clarified that in case, all credit card information will never be released or even presented to the operator, but only to the charging company (such as PayPal).

5.7  Responsibility for the providing of accurate information rests on the shoulders of the user; it is hereby clarified that if no accurate information is received, the operator cannot guarantee the completion of the sale. It is hereby clarified that providing incorrect information is a criminal offense with all that entails.

5.8  With completion of the payment action a confirmation of the transaction will be sent within 48 hours from the end of the sale via email.

5.9  Email message will include the details of the sale: order number, details of the user and product information acquired. An email confirmation is the only real confirmation of the order. If within 48 hours of making the order the user does not receive such notification, the user needs to contact the operator about that issue using this email:

5.10        Operator does everything it can to make sure that the products that it offers for purchase will be in stock. However, in cases where the inventory will be out of stock, the user will receive a notice of the delay. In this case, the user can cancel the purchase and the money is fully refunded (when invoiced). Of course it is the user's choice to wait and get the product when available (back in stock). In any case it is hereby clarified that the user shall have no claim and / or right of action against the operator or any entity associated with the operator for any compensation for the delay in receiving the ordered goods.

5.11        It is clarified that the on-site sales are regular sales where the user selects the product carried out the acquisition in accordance with these terms of use.

5.12        It goes without saying that the operator may run sales that are not regular sales, including , but not limited to , auction, group selling, selling a virtual product, etc. as long as an appropriate notification will appear on the actual product page.

5.13        For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that the completion of the order is dependent on the product offered being in stock at the time of completion of the order operation .


6.    Delivery of products


6.1  For the supply of the products marketed and sold on the website, the operator makes use of the services of the  China Post / Singapore Post .

6.2  user purchased product will be shipped in accordance with the address the user provided on the checkout / registration process. The package with the ordered goods will arrive within the time frame specified in the product page or checkout page.

6.3  It is noted that some of the products will be delivered via China Post and for those shipments apply all the rules, obligations and provisions of the China postal company.

6.4   The operator shall not be liable for any damage caused while the item was in transport by China post or any other postal company used.

6.5  Some of the products will be sent directly from warehouses of the operator located in China to the address given by the user (buyer). In these cases, a message will appears on the product detail page. These products will be shipped by China Post / Singapore Post. And the shipping time will be up to 21 business days, unless stated otherwise on the product page .

6.6  Shipments sent via Singapore Post deliveries are insured so if there is damage to the product, immediately notify in writing to the operator.

6.7  It is clarified that the price of the product embodies the cost of shipping service that is provided by the China postal company Ltd. Registered mail. Every other service (such as "express shipping") may require additional charge.

6.8  If delivery is delayed, the responsibility is of the user to inform the operator about the delay. If the user does not update the operator within a reasonable time, the operator will consider the product as arrived and the transaction as completed successfully. The surfer shall have no claim and / or the right to claim and / or demand from the operator in relation to not delivering the product on time and / or delay in supplying the product.


7.    Cancel Purchase


7.1  In general any purchaser is entitled to cancel the transaction within 30 days of purchase and the money refunded back to him (except mailing cost), provided that the product is not used by the user at all and that it is returned in original packaging .

7.2  It is hereby clarified that the other provisions of the relevant consumer protection law in Israel apply as well.

7.3  The buyer who wants to cancel a transaction must notify the operator, sending a mail to:


8.    Scanning Robots ( ROBOTS (


8.1  Scanning robots (robots, crawlers, spiders) of site content is permitted only for robots of search engine companies solely for the purpose of a site's search engine index. Prohibited the use of robots to crawl this site content for any other purpose, including scanning – factors that are not search engine companies. This prohibition applies to parent companies, subsidiaries and sister companies of the major search companies.


9.    Intellectual Property


9.1  Except where otherwise stated, all related all rights (including intellectual property rights) reserved to the operator. Without exhausting, rights reserved regarding all vehicles website, including content, design, editing, titles, text, music, melody, cars audio and effects, pictures (except photos copyright in which belonging to other parties), graphics, layout, design elements, Links and source code. For the avoidance of doubt, this Site does not grant the user (including the publisher) any right of any kind .

9.2  Expressly forbidden to copy any part of the Site for any purpose and in any form, technologically and otherwise. This includes a prohibition on copying titles, texts, music, Tune cars, audio, and effects , images, graphics, layout, design elements, links and source code.

9.3  Specifically prohibits the use of robots or other means, technological and non- technological, to copy, scan, or produce a complete or partial copy of the information provided.

9.4  Expressly forbidden to perform content or any part of the site alter, modify or change to another, or any other act which might diminish the value of the protected content including presenting any part of the content .


10.  Links and Third Party Sites


10.1        Links presented on the site to third-party sites are provided for information purposes only, and as they are. Operator has no responsibility for any site of any third party. Also, the operator does not provide the user any liability that other sites are available or secured as required. Surfer who chooses to go through the site links to third party websites does so at their own risk, and agrees and announced in advance that it will not have any claims against the operator.

10.2        Without limiting the foregoing, no operator guarantee that all links found on the site will work and will lead to an active website, due to the presence of a link to a site which is the subject of these regulations not an indication that the linked site is reliable, complete or up to date, and operator assumes no liability in connection to the stated above. Notwithstanding this operator is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user and / or property resulting from the use and / or reliance on such information contained on sites to come through or via the guide or link on the Site and / or for the use or reliance on the information and content published on the site by third parties.


11.  Security


11.1        Operator takes conventional methods for maintaining system security. Surfer agrees and declares that he does not have and shall have no claim against the operator in any case where he got affected by the operator security or lack of it.

11.2        Also, the user represents and warrants that he has no intention to harm the security and / or integrity the systems or part of them in this website, including heavy load on the servers or operator (such as DOS attack) in any form.



12.  Responsibility

The user declares, acknowledges and agrees to the provisions of the following sections:

12.1        He read, understood and agreed with all of these terms conditions and all sections.

12.2        Operator shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, that may result from the use of the site and / or reliance on the content of the Website and / or the information published in it.

12.3        Operator is not the manufacturer of the product and is therefore not responsible for the quality and warranty of products appearing on the website and available for purchase, including warranty repairs, parts supply (if need) and responsibilities under the law belongs exclusively by the manufacturer.

12.4        The operator is also not responsible in case the buyer does not act in accordance with the manual or user instructions of the product/s.

12.5        Operator does not provide any warranty regarding the products, and if there is some mistake or deviation when the description of the product, the user exempts the operator from all responsibility and he declares that he is aware of the content and images are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied on.

12.6        Operator will not be responsible for any delay and / or delay in delivery of the product and / or arrival defect resulting from poor handling of the China Postal Company or any other shipping company.

12.7        Operator shall not be liable with regard to information posted on and / or its third party through the website and / or sent through the website in any way.

12.8        Although the operator verifies the information appearing on the site is accurate and complete, there may be errors stated on the website. Surfer hereby clarifies that it will not have any claims against the operator in respect of errors or information that is incorrect or out of date appearing on the site, and / or for any consequence caused to by reliance on the information contained therein.

12.9        User gives consent to the operator, on its sole judgment to be entitled to take any action to protect the site, the services and its computer systems, even if those actions may, due to technological difficulties, block or delay even legitimate use of the website.

12.10      The user is aware and agrees that there may be delays and / or failures and / or changes to the Site and / or browsing the site due to external circumstances which are independent of the operator.

12.11       Operator makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, integrity, absence of errors and the accuracy of the site and its content, for any purpose, and / or for lack of viruses, and other harmful components in them or absence of technical problems on the site and / or the computer systems of the operator.

12.12      Operator does not bear any responsibility for any damage and / or loss and / or loss and / or expense caused by circumstances beyond its control , including force majeure , fire, war, acts of serious disruptions of public order  lack of reasonable sources for the supply of equipment essential, act or omission of any telecommunications provider or restrictions imposed by it, the laws, regulations or government decrees, network limitations, military or security, measures to prevent fraud, unauthorized access of third parties (including " hackers" ) , or other circumstances that do not controlled by the operator .

12.13      Operator does not guarantee that all links found on the site will work and will lead to an active website. The presence of a link to a website does not indicate that the content of the linked site is reliable, complete or current, and the operator shall have no liability in connection therewith. Notwithstanding this operator is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user and / or property resulting from the use and / or reliance on such information contained on sites to come through or via the guide or link on the Site and / or for the use or reliance on the information and content published on the site by third parties.

12.14      surfer will compensate the operator , its employees, directors and / or their representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, fee or expense they incur, including attorney's fees and court costs, due to malicious use, and / or negligent and / or abusive

website and / or due to breach of these terms and conditions on hand and / or by his representative.

12.15      Without derogating and / or limiting the foregoing, operator shall be permitted to stop using of the site if the user does not meet those conditions of this agreement. Also, the user would have to indemnify the Company, its employees, directors, shareholders or their representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, fee or expense they incur, including without exhaust attorney's fees and court costs, due to violation of Terms of Use. In addition, operator reserves the right to terminate the activities of a user of the site when suspicions arose that the use of the website is not as intended for.

12.16      Provisions of this user agreement shall add to and not detract from and / or violates any immunity, protection limit and / or exemption from the responsibility and protection given to the operator by the power of the law.


13.  Privacy Policy


13.1        Privacy policy of the website listed here is an integral part of the terms of use. Responsibility of the user to check and make sure in advance the terms of use and privacy policy as a condition to any use of the site. Current version of the Privacy Policy will prevail, and it may change from time to time at the sole discretion of the operator, and without notice.

13.2        The user declares and agrees to act and behave in accordance with these Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy

13.3        Questions regarding the protection of privacy on the site and complaints should be sent to the email address :

13.4        As stated above, the site is possible to register and choose a username and private password that will accompany the specific user in making any purchases on the site. These details are personalities and were known for the user's personal use only. As you choose to hand them over to others you remove responsibility for any kind of infringement of privacy. The operator considers that in this case, a user that obtain this information has obtained it in a legal way and will be treated so.

13.5        In addition, and as mentioned above, when making a purchase, the user requires providing additional information to complete the purchase. Information, except credit card information can and will be retained by the operator. By registering to the website the user provides the consent and approval to the operator to gather his provided information and transfer them to third parties as required. Including the transfer of information to China Postal Company or any other third party company for the supply of the product and so on. Additionally the operator shall be permitted to analyze the data statistically and delivering these factors to obtain information and make relevant actions needed to improve the site and the products it offers.


14.  Third Party Websites and Web Beacons


14.1        As part of the site running smoothly, the website may contain components that come from third parties. These components can be prominent elements or web beacons. Clarified and hereby emphasized that within the proper working of the Site, any such withdrawal of information from third party information is transferred automatically from the user's browser to the site of the third party. Automatic data does not include personally identifiable information, and includes automatic data passing through the communication protocol of the Internet.

14.2        This information is automatically transferred and nor the operator nor the website takes any responsibility for that transferred information by third parties. Although this information is independent passes through the user, there may be situations in which information travels through the servers of the operator, as part of normal web browsing. Also regarding this information or use it for - by the third parties do not and will not be in the responsibility of the operator.


15.  Money Charging


15.1        As part of the proper operation of the site, the site allow users to purchase different services and items and by doing that the user may be directed to third party websites for purchasing and payment (money charging companies such as PayPal). payment information is entered when the user is transferred to the Money charging third party websites in order to complete the payment.

15.2        User hereby declares that he is aware that, in addition to that he agrees that such third parties will perform the charging of the payment.

15.3        For the purpose of acquiring, prompting the user to provide his personal details and credit card and or personal information. Credit card details are required - by credit card companies and by law. These details will not come to and will not be saved by the operator in any way of form.

15.4        It should be emphasized and clarified that these terms and conditions and privacy policy does not apply to any site of any third party company.


16.  General


16.1        In case of discrepancy and / or any inconsistency between the provisions of these regulations and publications and / or other monitors on the operator and / or website, in writing or verbally, the provisions of this user agreement will always be greater and they will decide in any case of controversy of any kind

16.2        Partition in to sections and section headings is for comfort only and will not be used for Interpretation.

16.3        For the avoidance of doubt, registering and / or using the Site with details and username of external sites (eg social networks) is also subject to the terms of use of those sites.

16.4        The use of the male gender in these regulations is for convenience only and includes for female as well as singular and plural user/s .

16.5        This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Israel.

16.6        courts in Tel Aviv shall have exclusive jurisdiction and right to hear any dispute arising from these regulations and / or concerning and / or relating to the operator and / or website.

16.7        For inquiries and questions please contact by e-mail address And every effort will be made to respond to any inquiry and / or question.