YouTube Promotion official rules

1.   General

1.1  Amplez web site (the "Site" or "Website") developed and operated - by (the "site operator"or "operator ").   

1.2  This YouTube promotion  (the"promotion") is a limited time offer which provides the opportunity for users to receive a full refund for their purchase on the site, in exchange for creating and uploading a video review of a product that was bought here on this site and is promoted in this promotion and was approved by the operator.

1.3 The customer creating the video (the "Customer" or "User") is a registered or a guest shopper whom made a purchase and is qualifying to participate in this promotion.

1.4 By uploading a video review of a product sold in this site to YouTube and notifying the operator, the user will be considered a candidate for this promotion and  is fully accepting each and every term written in this promotion official rules.

2.   Eligible products 

 2.1  Any product which contains the line "Wanna get this item free?" in it's product page is eligible for entering and participating in this promotion

2.2 The site operator conserves the right and privileges to cancel or terminate the eligibility of any given product at any given time.

2.3 The site operator conserves the right and privilege to determine the outcome in the special situation in which a product became ineligible for this promotion, but that had had sales and video reviews made for it by a user or users during its eligibility period.

3.   Eligible users

3.1  Any user with a valid YouTube account and the means to create a video review of the product that was bought by him  from this site during this promotion active period.

4.   Participation terms

4. 1 The user must purchase an item which is participating in this promotion (see section 2) through one of the site acceptable payment methods (see terms and conditions)

4.2 Upon receiving the purchased product, the user has 30 days to create and  upload a YouTube video review of the purchased product.

4.3 The video review made by the user must be at-least 2 full minutes long. 

4.4 The video image resolution must exceed 854x480, preferable 1280x720 and higher.

4.5 The user is committed to keep the video live on his YouTube channel for a time period of at-least 12 months from review approval date by the site operator. 

4.6.1 Each user or person is limited to submitting only 1 request for a participation in this promotion. Users which will create two or more video reviews of different purchased items, will only be qualified for 1 product approval in this promotion When more then one product has been submitted for this promotion, the operator will have the full authority to decide which product of the submitted products by the same user will be approved in this promotion.

4.7 The video review must include a link to the purchased product page at the"additional information" section of the video review on YouTube.

4.8 The operator may take up to 45 days to complete a promotion request approval.

4.9.1 The user will be given the option to choose a gift voucher worth 1.5x times the purchase amount instead of a refund for his purchase.

4.9.2 It is the sole authority of the user to decide rather to take the transaction refund option or the gift voucher option. The operator will not force or decide for the user on which option to choose.

4.9.1 When a promotion request was approved, the user will receive a full refund for his purchase from the product price he paid upon order completion.

4.10.2 The refunded amount will not include any shipping and handling charges and will only apply to the price of the product which was reviewed and approved by the operator. 

4.10.3 The refunded transaction will be made with the same method of payment the user used to perform the purchase of the original transaction.

4.11.1 The site operator reserve the privilege and right to disapprove and /or cancel any submitted promotion participation request/s  from any user for any given reason at any given time.

4.11.2 User which had participated in this promotion and was denied approval by the operator will have no claim or complaint for the operator what so ever.

    5.      Changes and updates

5.1 Operator reserves the right to change the terms of this promotion  from time to time, in its sole discretion and without notice. Current version of the terms of Use will appear on this page and the latest wording of the terms of use is the only version that will be taken into any consideration.

5.2.1  The Operator reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any given time for any given reason without notice.

5.2.2 Any reviews made by the time period between the promotion active period and the promotion termination will be decided solely by the operator.

5.2.3 A user which promotion request was denied duo to promotion cancellation will have no claim or complaint to the site operator.